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Ideal Posture — Chronic Back Pain or a Spinal Condition in Goodyear, AZ


Research shows that your spine should have an ideal structure to allow your nervous system to be functioning at its optimal potential. In turn, when your nervous system is operating at its optimal potential, you have the ability to live a strong, youthful, energetic, healthy life. At our Goodyear chiropractic office, we focus on corrective chiropractic care, utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) technique. We start out by checking your posture, the window to your spine and nervous system. Careful observation of your posture allows us to identify rotational (twisting, turning, tilting) or translational (sliding left, right, forward, or backward) abnormalities of your spine. Postural distortions indicate weakened, injured, and damaged tissues of your spine that shut down your brains vital energy to your body and organs. We then evaluate the spinal structure using X-ray analysis to determine the proper course of your corrective chiropractic care.

Why do we correct posture and structure of your spine? It is simple: correcting structure and posture can alleviate, relieve and prevent many spinal conditions and a number of health disorders including degenerative disc disease, disc herniation's, radiculopathies, headaches/migraines, neck and back pain, shoulder/joint pains, allergies, heartburn/reflux, fatigue, and asthma.


When the structure of your spine is compromised, abnormal forces are placed on the joints which can cause pain, inflammation and loss of normal ranges of motion. These abnormal forces and limited motion cause the joints to break down or degenerate. One primary goal with corrective based chiropractic care at Desert West Chiropractic is to remove restriction within the joints of the spine and restore normal ranges of motion through a very specific exercise regimen, allowing you to live a younger, more energetic and pain free lifestyle.


Structure determines function. Proper corrective based chiropractic care can realign the spine eliminating the source of your health problems. After receiving chiropractic care at Desert West Chiropractic, many of our patients regain youth and vitality and experience life changing results by simply removing interference from a misaligned spine.

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